Managed Router Waiver

JB-Nets, LLC Managed Router Waiver

JB-Nets, LLC has a standard practice of deploying managed routers to better assist our customers during a Technical Support call. By default, the Managed Router setting is activated in all newly installed routers installed by the company. By signing this waiver, you, as the customer, are consenting to waive this default setting, and do not wish to have your router managed by JB-Nets, LLC. In choosing to turn this feature off, JB-Nets, LLC will not be responsible for any interference issues as a result from conflicting frequencies between devices, or overall performance of your connection, which may be degraded as a result of  poorly optimized router settings. With an unmanaged router, JB-Nets, LLC will not have the ability to remotely assist in various technical support help, such as, but not limited to, changing your network password, diagnosing problems with connected devices on your network, etc. Without a managed router, JB-Nets, LLC will make all efforts to assist you with your technical support over the phone, however, if a solution is unachievable through the call, a JB-Nets, LLC technician will be required to visit your premises, which could result in on-site support charges accruing on your account.


If you have read this waiver thoroughly and still wish to have the Managed Router setting deactivated in you newly installed router, and also understand that by removing this feature JB-Nets may not be able to remotely provide you with all the support needed with your issue, which may result in an on-site service call, please provide your signature.